Starting to surf the net to check out what talking therapy is about often starts with the reluctant acknowledgement…that things are not as they should be.  


Often those nearest to us are the ones verbalising this painful and unwelcome reality; most of us will stay in denial for as long as we can. This makes sense…we like to be there for others, to be seen as strong, resourceful, independent…invincible even! And for many the idea of seeking help…is a sign of weakness.


If that starts to capture where you are…please don’t stop reading…hang in here…read on.


Actually acknowledging that something is not right, and then daring to seek help to sort it out… takes strength, it takes determination, it takes honesty…and it takes courage.


In so many areas of life…we consider it a wisdom to get help when we’re faced with something which has gone wrong and we aren’t able to fix on our own.  Most of us wouldn’t hesitate to call out an electrician, a plumber, a mechanic, the fire brigade…if we needed them. But we often have the mistaken belief that we have to be able to sort ourselves out on our own. Yet we humans are so much more complex than our cars, our house’s electrics or plumbing system.


Through therapy I will work alongside you to help you to explore the issues that have brought you to where you are and which are causing you pain and difficulty. I will help you to identify the repeating patterns of behaviour that may be keeping you stuck, and will help you explore and consider alternative ways of understanding, experiencing and interacting with the world, so you have greater a sense of choice, possibility and control.